was created and designed for two reasons and two reasons alone:

 To be affordable and effective.

Why Choose

EarthBound CBD?

     We originally started in the vapor industry several years ago and after much success in E-Liquid manufacturing stumbled upon the fantastic benefits of CBD. We were skeptical at first. But after much research and use of CBD products we realized that CBD was going to change the world for better.

     A few issues we immediately noticed in the CBD industry was the lack of transparency and true contents in CBD products on the market. Another problem was blatantly clear. CBD products were not affordable for people who needed CBD on a everyday basis.  So with the realization that product contents were not true, lack of quality CBD products available, and a ridiculously overpriced market EARTHBOUND was born.

     EARTHBOUND was created and designed for two reasons and two reasons alone.  To be affordable and effective. EARTHBOUND only uses the best CBD hemp extracts for its products. All of EARTHBOUNDS CBD hemp extract is CO2 extracted and tested via Proverde Labs before mixing and then tested again via Proverde Labs after product is blended and ready for packaging.

     All EARTHBOUND products are manufactured in a clean room environment. With a customer first mentality we welcome you to embark on this journey of health and happiness with us.



Frequently asked questions

Find the right trip.

Volunteer teams travel to Guatemala throughout the year for 7-11 days, at a time to work in one of three programs: community development, health care, and education. Learn about each type of team and find one that's right for you. Community Development Community development teams are made up of 10 volunteers who work alongside local families to install ONIL cook stoves and water filters in their homes, dramatically improving health and safety. Community development teams travel to rural areas across Guatemala and may stay in hotels or dorm facilities. Some community development teams are embedded with health care volunteer groups; others are standalone teams. Take a look behind the scenes of the Cascade Community Development Team. Stove installation can be physically demanding, so volunteers should be able to lift 30 lbs easily, walk 2 miles up and down hills, and generally be in good health. Applicants must be 18 , or 16 if accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you have a corporate, family, or church group of 10 volunteers and wish to start your own community development team, we can help. Contact us at for more information. Health Care Medical teams are made up of 50 to 100 health care professionals who provide surgery, preventive care and health education to people in remote areas who often have no other no other way to access quality healthcare. Medical teams travel to one of the ten destinations in Guatemala, where temporary hospital facilities are located to provide care for hundreds of people over the course of a week. During this time, they stay in dorm-style accommodations. Take a look at one of the Michigan medical team trips. Volunteers in the medical program must be over 18 years of age and may include surgeons, anesthesiologists, internists, general practitioners, nurses (OR, CRNA, PACU, recovery, etc.), pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, surgical technicians, scrubs techs, translators and other support staff. The focus areas and needs of each team may vary. Education Education teams are small groups of certified teachers who travel to HELPS school in the remote village of Santa Avelina several times a year. There, they spend a week training school teachers in workshops covering reading, math, science, and book creation. Because space on education teams is very limited, all volunteers must be certified teachers. For more information, contact

Check the travel calendar and select your team.

Visita la página de Fechas de Viajes de Servicio para encontrar el equipo al que te gustaría unirte. Tome nota del nombre y número del equipo, ya que deberá tenerlos a mano cuando complete su solicitud de voluntariado. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre un equipo o viaje específico, contáctenos en ** Tenga en cuenta que puede solicitar unirse a cualquiera de los equipos de HELPS que figuran en el calendario, independientemente de la ciudad en la que se encuentre el equipo.

Complete the volunteer application.

Complete the online volunteer application. El líder del equipo al que se postula recibirá una copia de su solicitud y se comunicará con usted pronto. Solicitar unirse a un viaje de servicio es gratis. Si lo aceptan para unirse a un equipo voluntario, el líder de su equipo se comunicará con usted con respecto a su itinerario, calendario de pagos del viaje y otros detalles. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el proceso de solicitud o seguimiento, contáctenos en o 469 779 7101.

Fundraise for your service trip

Between airfare, lodging, meals, and in-country transportation, service travel can be expensive. Our volunteers have come up with some creative ways to raise funds to cover the cost of their service trips, from hosting a Guatemalan-themed dinner to beekeeping and selling honey at the farmers market. If you have a very creative fundraiser, please let us know so we can help spread the word! For help getting started with your online fundraising, here are six steps for a successful service trip fundraiser. If you have questions or need assistance with your online fundraising efforts, please contact us at

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